DB Instruments Ltd

DB Instruments Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of quality laser modules and systems for instrumentation, industrial and biomedical applications based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We are fully committed to cutting edge technology and outstanding customer service.

In addition to our standard range of laser diodes, drivers and modules, we also work closely with our customers and partners to offer innovative and bespoke solutions to enable many new applications. We have comprehensive instrumentation and test facilities with a wide range of equipment for laser beam profiling, wavelength selection and power measurements available.


You can purchase some of our standard products online through the products page. To obtain a quote for a customised product, please contact us with your requirements.


We have a highly skilled and experienced design team who can help you to create the best customised laser product to meet your end-user application needs.

Customisation options for your lasers include:

  • Selection of wavelength and power
  • Custom housing and connectors
  • Laser beam shaping and profiling
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